Individual Consultations

Offering one-on-one consultations in-person and/or virtually.

Single Consultation

Package of Six (6) Consultations
Content for Families

Package of Ten (10) Consultations
Content for Adults & Seniors

Package of Six (6) Consultations
Content for Pregnancy

Group Presentations

Includes worksheets and take home materials.

1-Hour Small Group (up to 25 people)

1-Hour Large Group (up to 100 people)

Online Classes

Learn from the comfort of your own home.

Families Course

Adults & Seniors Course

Other Health Coaching Services

Workplace Wellness

Call for a Quote

Smart Shopping

1 Hour Shopping Virtual Trip

Pantry Makeovers

1 Hour, Virtually


$100 – $300

Annual Health & Wellness Education
Menstrual Cycle Coaching
Birth Control Consultation & Counseling
Sexually Transmitted Infections Education & Counseling
Sexual Health counseling and coaching
Fitness & Beauty Coaching
Weight Management, Coaching and Counseling
Aging Health Coaching
Female Anatomy Education
Menopause Counseling
Pelvic Pain Evaluation & Referral
Pre-pregnancy Coaching
Pregnancy Evaluation & Coaching
Labor & Delivery Education
Post-Pregnancy Coaching
Mastitis Education
Urinary Tract & Bladder Infection Education
Vaginal Discharge & Vaginosis Education
Other Women’s Health Issues

Women’s Health Online Classes

Learn from the comfort of your own home.

$99 per class