About Us


We are a Health & Wellness hub, providing Healthy Lifestyle Services.

Our services support individuals with behavior change and prevention through interventions to achieve long-term lifestyle change.

Our main features are:

Evidence-based health coaching and education for individuals, families, and organizations to promote wellness

Best women’s health that prioritizes healthy living through care, coaching, and counseling

A customized holistic approach to wellness with a focus on client satisfaction

Our principal consultants are Drs Ware & Connie VanBaah.

Dr. Ware VanBaah, MD, AB, MCHC

Welcome to Anca Health! I am Dr Ware VanBaah, a Neurophysiologist and a Holistic Health Coach. I believe in holistic health that emphasizes achieving optimal health and preventing disease by focusing on a person’s lifestyle. I believe that everyone deserves to be given the tools that will enable them to build a healthy lifestyle they love. Having worked with patients as a Neurophysiologist for many years have given me the tools to help many more people.

Dr. Connie VanBaah, DNP, CNM, MSN, BSN

Hi, I am Dr Connie VanBaah. I am a women’s health care practitioner in Virginia, USA. I am passionate about boosting women’s holistic health. Health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease are exploding in many nations. These chronic diseases are strongly tied to unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, poor diet, lack of physical activity, excess alcohol consumption, and more. I believe that many people have a desire to live well, but they need support from health professionals. I am here to do my part by caring, coaching, educating and supporting our clients and patients to identify their behavior change goals, and guide them as they move towards those healthy lifestyle goals.

Since you have landed here at our About Page, we can comfortably assume that you are passionate about healthy living, and you want to hit the ground running with taking charge of your health. We are sure you may also be feeling somewhat overwhelmed about where or how to start your healthy lifestyle journey.

We are professionals committed to integrity and excellence in healthy living. With a spirit of collaboration and commitment to science, we created Anca Health to give our clients & patients quality programs and resources in a comprehensive organized approach that can make our clients & patients feel confident and empowered to take charge of their health.

Our Healthy Lifestyle Services support clients and patients to modify lifestyle risk factors that contribute to disability, reduced quality of life, morbidity and premature death.

We customize our approach to guide clients and patients to adopt daily preventative measures such as maintaining proper diet, physical activity, maintaining an ideal weight, manage chronic conditions, smoking cessation, limit alcohol consumption, and more. 

We empower individuals to discover their own ability to make healthy lifestyle choices based on trusted science-based information.

The satisfaction of our clients and patients is our philosophy. In this context, we offer a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for them to build their healthy lifestyle, while providing them with coaching, care, education, motivation, encouragement, and accountability, as they move towards those health goals.

Our mission is to provide you with the scientific tools and resources needed to get you the best results in building your healthy habits. Our aim is to inspire you to be well.

When we are not providing programs and care for our clients and patients, we enjoy spending time with our kids. We love healthy cooking, walking in our neighborhood, and going to playgrounds and parks.

And most of all, we love inspiring people like you who have a true desire to be well, healthier, and live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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